Thursday, September 22, 2011

White Water Rafting On The Snake.

Here we are! Finally. This is our trip to the Snake in August. Part of our last hurrah before school began.

Here we're getting started. All my kids in the front. Daniel and me and Ken's wife (can't remember her name, darn) in the middle and Ken, Randy's son, driving on the back. We had just found out that the wife is Daniel's cousin's daughter. So we talked about that until the water got rough.
Here we are coming up on Lunch Counter. Lunch table? Something. Look at Daniel and the wife paddling! I sat in the middle on purpose. I did offer to paddle, but the wife was nice and did the whole ride. You can't see me because every time we hit white water, I'd grab onto the end kids' life jackets. If they fell out, at least I'd have had my hands on 'em first. Or something like that. Plus I just needed something to hold onto.
Ruthie and Sam had switched places. Look at the smiles. And look at Sam's face. Everytime they'd get splashed in the face, they took it as a Snake River insult.
And getting out of the Lunch Counter white water. I love that Ruthie had turned around and was waving to Randy. Bye!
So there you have it. Proof of our white water trip down the Snake. We hope to do it again next summer as a last hurrah again.


Laurie said...

Cool! Looks like lots of fun!

Kristi said...

I LOVE rafting, it looks like you had lots of fun!