Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Beautiful Butterfly.

Yesterday we had a great opportunity to celebrate Lyndsay's life with her family. Her brother and mom passed out Monarch Butterflies for us to release. Just like we did a year before. Here is one of our butterflies before flying away.

On Tuesday I took Ruthie up to the cemetery to leave some flowers and be by ourselves. Ruthie asked if she could say a prayer. I never say no to such a request. She knelt down by Lyndsay's headstone with our flower and said a little prayer. I just stood back and cried. Then cursed myself for not bringing the camera. Dang! I brought the camera on Wednesday, but she didn't want to re-enact.
When more family and friends came, they brought glorious flower arrangements. Ruthie took a couple of pictures of them. Our little flower got drowned out fast! But we feel sure that Lyndsay liked our flower too.

More beautiful flowers. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful tribute to an incredible little girl. In looking back over the last year, I realized that one thing has been left behind at our house. Dress up. Lyndsay always played dress up with Ruthie at our house and at hers. When Lyndsay passed away, Ruthie just never played dress up again.

These two little girls have a lot of dress up to play later when they're together again. Oh yeah. AND! Lot's of tea parties to plan!

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Jen said...

The picture of the butterfly brings back so many bitter, sweet memories. Thank you for sharing your special experience you and Ruthie shared, together!

Families can be together forever...