Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tomato Juice And Pretzels.

I canned tomato juice last week. The jars have been sitting on my counter for that long. So yesterday I decided it was time to get them to food storage. When I got there I began to put them onto a shelf. Then it happened. They fell and one of the quart jars broke. Shattered actually. Tomato juice everywhere. I eventually got it cleaned up. But man it smelled tomato-y. Then last night I was walking along in the family room on this very rug and something crunched underneath. What could it possibly be? Um. That's a pretzel. Stashed under the rug. And I stepped on it and crushed it. Thank you. Bye.


Kristi said...

only one pretzel, where was the rest of the bag????? Sorry about the tomato spill. . . what's worse loosing all of that hard work it took to can it or cleaning up the mess?

Kim said... make me laugh. I can't stand the sound of kid's food crunching beneath my feet because that means more work for me (at our house the crunching is usually goldfish crackers). Oh well. That stinks that the jar of tomatoes cracked open! I bet that stunk to clean up. Blah.