Friday, September 2, 2011

Frump Girl.

I don't know how it happened. But it did. But I kinda know how it happened. It was gradual. But then again it just happened and there was nothing I could do about it. But really I chose not to do anything about it. Maybe I wanted it to happen. What am I talking about?? The Frumpage. Serious frumpage. Frump girl galore. After I turned 40 I wanted easy. No idea why or in what form. But I went to my natural curl on my head. And the frump happened. Although the frump really occurs more during the last 3 weeks or so before my next hair appointment. When the cut is fresh and the color is fresh it's just not so frumpy. But then the color fades and the curl grows out and the weather is hot and nasty and my hair goes frump. You can almost hear it. "Frump"

So last night Ruthie and I went in for our regular cut. The lady right before us was really into the hair. She then was really into my hair. She wanted to come back when I was done to see it. Or have Shelba take a picture so she could see it. Neither of which happened. But I panicked. What if she came back to see...just...frump girl...with new color...and fresher curls. So I told Shelba I was ready to un-frump. We still did the same color. But it's shorter and I think I might just go straight again. And then do curly when frump isn't a concern. Oh, and I had her give me thicker bangs. yay! Here's a peek...

PS. Don't look at the messy kitchen. Or the fact that I don't have lipstick on. Which is the other frump challenge. I began the daily sunscreen regime and decided to go without foundation. I liked the fact that no foundation didn't change the way my face looks just naturally. Which is why one uses mess with the the natural on the face. But I think I'm agonna go back to foundation on special occasions. With sunscreen all the time I am getting a bit pale. Or something. And I'm 40. You know? I need a little coverage. Or a lot. Just depends on the day. Or the time of day. You know?

And then there's the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, park in a parking place, that has no cars on either side, in a normal and straight fashion. I ALWAYS park on a line. It began earlier this year at cub scouts, when I would be the first one to park. When I'd come out to go home, I would see how poorly I parked. Which made the other leaders park funny. But that's not all. I do it at the hospital, at Maverick, at the grocery store, on Sunday for church. All the time. Unless, of course, I park in between 2 cars. Which I really do try to avoid.

And I think I am officially cranky. Like old lady cranky. Little old lady who can't park straight cranky. It's been coming on so gradually that I hardly sensed it. Until I sensed I was cranky about something. And I LIKED it! Maybe I was trying hard to park straight. But cranky can be fun. And now? Well now I'm gonna look good cranky.

No more frump here.

At least until 3 weeks before my next hair appointment.


Kim said...

You are not Frump girl (this line comes from Big Fat Greek wedding, right?)anytime! I do like the new do and hope it makes you feel better about yourself because I know you are awesome!!! As far as the crankiness I heard that they accidentally spilled it all over the Davis County!!! It reached my house first and I know I have been suffering with it!! I wish they would be more careful with that crap!!! Lol! Seriously have to change my attitude maybe I need a new do and it would give me a new 'tude, worked for you right?

Kates said...

Amazing what a new haircut will do for your self image! From a current frump-girl to a former frump-girl: you look beautiful! Love the haircut. It looks great on you.