Saturday, February 25, 2012

And The Award Goes To...

In the spirit of the Oscar's, which I don't watch because I haven't seen most of the movies, I just titled it like the Oscar's. But this really isn't like that. But I have 2 wonderful awards that need some recognition.

First. I am a Wolf Den Leader in our ward's Cub Scout Pack. I love my calling. I was told by my great friend and Cub committee person extraordinaire, Mandy, that I qualified for the religious square knot. So I looked into getting it. I found that there is a whole big time deal that can be done along with the religious square knot in the LDS church program. It is the On My Honor award. So I qualified and went through the interview with my bishop and on Thursday night at our Blue and Gold Banquet, I received this...
It's the scouting crest with angel Moroni. I love it. Daniel even got to come up and present it to me. The Young Men, aka: soon Isaac, can receive this award by earning their Star rank in Scouts and finishing the Deacon requirements in their Duty To God books by the age of 14. So my boys will be working on this award at the appropriate time.

Second. And only second because it happened on Friday. Isaac had his second Robotics Challenge Night. He partnered up with a boy named Evan. The challenges were hard! Hard I tell ya! Daniel and I were helping with judging and entering all the scores. Many teams didn't even get a blue award. And there were lots of white awards. Tough challenges. Isaac and Evan earned two blue, one red and one white. Pretty good scores all considered. So Isaac's total score from both challenge nights equals 100 points. That is a Captain rank. We're pretty proud of our Mr. Roboto.

All 3 kiddos begin the Goat club in March. We are pretty excited about it! And speaking of goats, Mama Cass' udder is starting to show. (Blushing) We are getting close. About a month or 2.

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Jen said...

I do have to admit, we have the best den leaders and cub scout committee ever! You definitely earned this special award and I cannot tell you enough just how wonderful you are!

I feel bad that I have been feeling so blah and lack the energy to really full fill my calling, lately. But it has been such a relief to have so many wonderful teachers, cub and scout leaders that work hard at their callings. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And tell Mr. Roboto, "Way to go!" Maybe he can build me a robot to clean up after Conner someday?