Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Really Hate When The Alarm Goes Off.

Do you get that yuck feeling in your gut when you hear the alarm? Is it just me? Even when it's on the TV or in someone else's house or just not time to have the alarm go off, I get the yuck feeling. Time to get up. Once I'm up I'm fine. It's just the jarring sound of the alarm. Or something.

Do your kids sing that I'm sexy I work out song? My daughter was singing it this week. She said the girls at school are singing it. I told her to stop. I don't like it. Then I had the TV on this morning and an M&Ms commercial had that song on it. M&Ms are harmless in my book, but now they've got that annoying song with it.

I recently lost a little bit of weight. Not enough for oohs and aahs, but I am loving the fact that I haven't worked out in over a week (until today) and didn't put any back on!! Plus I had pizza a couple of nights. And Olive Garden for my birthday. Woohoo.

I think the best exercise is Just Dance. It makes me sweat and I feel it in my muscles. Plus I can sing along. Great for breath control. You know, in case I ever spend mucho time under water or need to sing while running in place.

Speaking of sweat, you know, up in the previous paragraph, I know I've mentioned before that I sweat a lot. Like to the point of embarrassment. My Gyn told me to start taking Black Cohosh and see if that stabilizes my inner body temp control. I guess there isn't any control. So far I think it's helping. I don't sweat like I used to. July will help me know for sure, though.

In July we're going to Yellowstone. We are all excited! We hope we aren't so late in the year that we won't see animals. But if we don't have a run in with a wild moose or hungry bear I'll be more than happy.

My kids are hoping to get into the 4-H goat club in a couple of weeks. I am waiting for an informative phone call to see what the schedule is. I hope it will work into ours. If we get in, my kids will get to enter a goat or 2 in the fair this summer. Oh Joy!!

I went to Astro Camp on Monday with Isaac and some other 6th graders. I had to be a System Specialist. It was stressful but very cool. His class is in 7th place among all the school classes who go to the Astro Camp field trip. But still, it was stressful.

But so not as stressful and jarring as that darn alarm going off in the morning. Does it bother you? Or is it just me?

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Crissy said...

Those alarms just rattle me in the morning! Lately I have been waking up a few minutes before so I don't have to hear it!
Sounds like lots of crazy fun going on! :)