Friday, February 17, 2012

Back In The Pasture.

The goats earned being put back in the pasture for good today. Hi goats.
The reason is that they kept breaking through the gate Isaac had set up at the bottom of the deck. The deck has a bag of hay sitting on it. Too much of a temptation. After Isaac got the goats out back, he got the shop vac out. I wondered if he was planning to vacuum up the poop and hay. So I watched at the window.
He blew the poop and hay away. Just tidying up a bit.
So the deck and patio are somewhat clean now. There is lots of poop, I mean fertilizer, in the grass, too. But the grass will be ready for kids to go out and play in a matter of a couple months. And all the goats will remain in the pasture. Where they belong.

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