Thursday, February 23, 2012

Under The Influence. Addiction.

I am under the influence of 2 very strong influences. Actually, I have a couple of addictions. And I feel I need to share with you. It will be a form of therapy for me to share them. They have taken over my life. I can't get anything else accomplished. I have fallen under the spell of 2 very potent entities. I have lost control. I need intervention.

1. Downton Abbey Can't get enough! I have watched all of season 1 on Netflix and will begin watching season 2 on line. And then my life will be able to move on. I am only taking a small break today because the Blue and Gold Banquet is tonight and I have stuff to do. But I am hooked. If you are, too, you know my pain. If you haven't begun to watch, look out!! It will take over your life! Only one thing trumps Downton Abbey. Only one...

2. Indexing

I read an article in the Ensign about indexing and then put the magazine down. I then got on to Family Search. But just for a moment. Then I took my first batch. Then it was batch after batch after batch. I can't stop. I will sit for hours and index. I have let laundry go. I haven't made dinner. I forgot to eat lunch. I know I need to shower, but I can't stop indexing. It has taken over my life.

I changed my mind about needing help. I really need to keep watching Downton Abbey. It is so so so good. I can't stop and I won't stop. And I will not stop indexing. I am addicted and find great Joy in extracting names of people who will have posterity looking for them. They then can find their names, dates, place of birth and/or death. They can complete a search for an ancestor and can then do the necessary work for them. I love Downton Abbey. But I love Indexing more! Try it, you'll like it!


Kristi said...

I haven't watched the show but I do love indexing (although probably not to the extent that you do).

Good job!

Crissy said...

Downtown Abbey? I heard that so much lately from so many people! Is it really that good? Maybe I'll have to check it out.
Have too many other distractions right now. Good job on the indexing! I need to do a better job on family history work.