Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mr. Roboto Is In The House.

It came! It came! This has been an exciting week at our house. Isaac finally had all the necessary funds raised to pay his part for a Mind Storms Lego Robot set. It has taken a few months, but last Friday he did it. So the set was ordered on line and got in on Wednesday. He has been in robot hog heaven since. Here is just one small tidbit of what he's been doing. Honestly, the robot moves too fast for me to get a good picture.
We also have a couple of cousins staying with us this weekend. See Ruthie there? That's the perfect picture of the amount of energy in the house. Today we all went to the 4-H Fair and got to see lots of fun clubs that 4-H provides. We got information on the Goat club and hope to get all 3 kiddos registered for the beginning of the club meetings in just a few weeks.
With all this excitement I need a nap. And pizza for dinner.

Hey Grandpa... We are waiting for Isaac to get really awesome at all the fun and different things his robot can do. Then we'll come over so he can show it all off for you and Grandma!

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