Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Went to grandma and grandpa's house in the morning.  Spent the day playing with goats.  Goat club meeting at Kathy's barn.  We learned how to trim hooves.  I got to trim one hoof on a mama goat.  She's wasn't too happy about the whole process.  But now I know what to do and will be trimming hooves when we get ourselves a trimmer and something with which to hold those goaties!
Tuesday... A little bit of visiting teaching for mom.  These cupcakes are from the Dollar Store Mystery Game.  I had to get us some icing and the sprinkles were already here.  We shared them with friends who came to play.  Not much mystery there. 
Wednesday... I believe this is Isaac.  Doctor appointment in the morning and Scouts for boys in the evening.
Thursday...  Ruthie had her art class.  Then we all had lunch and headed for the hills.  For a hike.  It was a beautiful day for it, too.  Everything was lush and green and cool.  I've been having back problems for some time now and even though the hike was a blast, I was hurting for several days.  That night we went to our town's movie in the park.  We got to stay up late and froze, yes, froze!
Friday... Grocery shopping and a trip to Kohl's for some shirts for everyone.  I love when I get the 30% off dealios.  Daniel and I went to dinner and then we all enjoyed watching Jack the Giant Slayer.  And that's a hot dog in his mouth.
Saturday...  Lots of fun stuff.  A family reunion that Daniel and the kids went to while I went to a baptism for a young convert.  We all got home around the same time and then Daniel and I went to a wedding for a friend of mine.  I've been her visiting teacher for years and now I will be able to teach her youngest son the new member discussions.  I'm so glad she likes me.  I bug her a lot! Saturday night we went to the rodeo for our town's heritage days and stayed for the fireworks.  They do the best fireworks around.
Sunday... Daniel left right after 7 am for a High Council meeting then went to speak in another ward's Sacrament Meeting.  I went to a Missionary Correlation meeting.  Then we all met up at our ward's meetings.  Daniel and I went to the world wide training conference.  Lots of great opportunities for missionaries to work! This is an exciting time.  I have no idea what this picture is.  It was there and I didn't have enough pictures without it.  So there you go.  Next Sunday I am speaking in our ward.  Yikes.
Never mind on that last picture.  I just remembered what happened on Sunday night that warrants its own picture.  This dawgawn washer.  It spun its last spin cycle.  I had a load of dirties that couldn't wait til Monday morning and as it spun it, well, it didn't spin.  So Monday morning Daniel purchased a new washer that will be coming in on Thursday.  In the meantime I have nasty towels and a couple washer-fulls worth of quilts that need washing.  By Thursday I will be loving my new washer.  My lovely friend offered the use of her washer, but I don't want to carry those nasty towels over.  So they'll sit in the garage.  Til Thursday.  And that was my Sunday night.
Hope your week was grand!

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