Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Lunch is always best on a pretty plate.  Isaac began a Program for Accelerated Learners today. It's a week long camp.  He was chosen by two, count 'em, two, teachers.  He was in the computer class and was up for the challenge.  Ruthie and Sam and I went to grandma and grandpa's where we got to visit and give grandpa our rattle snake eggs.
Tuesday... Ruthie, Sam and I went to see a summer movie with Kim, Jessica and Emily.  We love the popcorn.  We love being with Kim and her kids, too.  Isaac had another fun day at PAL camp.
Wednesday... Laundry day.  Several weeks ago our washer began suffering.  Actually we were the ones suffering.  All of our big appliances are 14 years old.  Except the water heater.  That's a year old now.  I guess it's time to start replacing.  But considering I want carpet-and soon!-we will stick with this washer a bit longer.  Dad worked from home so he could get his physical to go to Scout Camp next month. 
Thursday...  We got really bored and hankered for something fun.  So I made up a new game.  We call it "Dollar Store Mystery Game" and we go to the dollar store with $2-3 each and then shop around the whole store to purchase two or three items we wouldn't normally buy when we go to the dollar store with all seriousness and then we come home and show what we all got and then try to think of mysterious things to do with it all. We got things like TP, roll caps, sponges, a dust mit, arrows, markers and this guy.  Sam put him in water to grow him.  Then we'll shoot him with the arrows.  We're still working on fun things to do with the other items.
Friday... Isaac finished his week at PAL camp and came home with this certificate.  We are so proud of him.  He learned to program with a game program.  Isaac also had his physical for Scout Camp.  He wasn't impressed.  But he is healthy as can be. 
Saturday...  Clean and laundry and yard work.  Oh!!  And new goats.  But Ruthie grabbed the TP from the DSMG (Dollar Store Mystery Game) and tested the dollar store TP to the TP I get at Costco to see which could stand up better wet while holding a coin.  The Costco stuff held up better. 
Sunday...  Father's Day!  We love our dad and were happy to spend the day with him!
On to a new week with new adventures.  Hope your summer is as fun as ours!!

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