Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Home Evening Activity.

For FHE tonight I put this game together that I found on another blog.  You take tape-I took frog tape and masking tape-and then lots of candy-whatever candy makes the kiddos smile.  Then you take something like one of those plastic Easter eggs and put a prize in it.  Then you start with the filled egg and start taping, adding candy to the tape as you go.  I traded between the two tape types (say that 10 times fast) to mix it up.  Then let it sit on the table in your bedroom for a few days.
Tonight was Isaac's turn to teach the lesson.  He talked about prayer and that Heavenly Father will always answer your prayers, but it might be in a different way and might not even happen right away.  He did an awesome job.  Pay no attention to the dust on the floor.  It's summer.  I'm off duty.
Then it was game time.  So you need a pair of dice.  And the person to the left of the person with the ball rolls the dice while the ball person undoes tape and takes candy.  When the dice person rolls a double, the un-taping stops and the ball goes to the roller and the dice goes to the person on their left.  Got it?  You keep going until it's all unwrapped.  We had a blast.  It actually took a while to get the whole thing unwrapped, too.
Isaac undid the egg and got the dollar bill inside.
Sam complained that he could have gotten the dollar bill if Isaac hadn't grabbed the egg out of his hand.  So, understanding the little value given to the American dollar bill at the moment, each kid got a buck!
Candy!!  And tape!!  And excitement!!
Yum yum.
Our game was a success and is something we'll have to do again. 
When this sugar rush is over.

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