Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Yep! You read it right.  It's a day in the life.  And I am doing it this week.  Maybe I'll do it next week.  Then the week after.  But I make no guarantees.
Monday... Memorial day.  We left the Ranch and came home. The boys have this flag on their bedroom door.  We love our ancestors and those who have fought for our freedom.
Tuesday...  First real day of summer!  Time for cut-offs.  Marsha came and did eyebrows. And chins.  And lips.  And whatever else was growing hair.  It's always nice to undergo hair removal with Marsha. 
 Wednesday... We are finishing the basement.  You know that.  Because we will be moving the play room downstairs, I will have a living room.  Yay!  I put some paint on the walls to see what it will look like.  It is the same Terra cotta-y color from the basement.  I need to get this room ready!  Still won't have furniture for a while. 
Thursday...  With summer officially here, we need rules.  Summer rules=Summer rocks.  My kids were not impressed.  Especially with "eat healthy". Too bad. Lists are good to have the kids refer to when in doubt about what they can snack on, what they will be doing this summer and how they should act. 
Friday...  The kids and I went to grandma and grandpa's so I could give grandma a shower.  Usually we go Mondays, but Deanna got there Monday night when they got home from the Ranch.  We got to hear some stories from grandpa.  My kids loved hearing what he thought when he first saw grandma.  "Wow, she's hot"  Sam got his piggy in the mail.  Yay.  Mom and dad went to dinner and the temple for date night. 
Saturday...  We got the house cleaned, the yard prettified, the laundry done and then went to the a movie.  It was our reward for hitting our halfway point in our Book Of Mormon reading.  Oz the Great and Powerful.  I also had made a pretty bracelet for my medical thingy.  It says I'm a type 1 diabetic and am wearing an insulin pump.  I wanted pretty stuff.  This is the second one I've got.  Thanks Becca for helping me make the first one!!
Sunday...  And here we are today.  For Fast Sunday we begin on Saturday night and talk about what our "purpose" will be.  I finally got this board to write on so we won't forget.  I call it "Our Purpose In Prayer" and then I've listed our purpose this Fast Sunday.  Sam added Biscuit the goat.  She needs our prayers. This evening we'll  head out to aunt Nicole and uncle Stephen's for our family get together.  Yay.
Our school district is down to 11 weeks left in Summer.  Enjoy and have fun!

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