Monday, June 10, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday!!!  Yes, one more week on a day in the life.  So proud!
New rule for summer.  Do Not Whittle In Mom And Dad's Bathroom.  Wood shavings on the floor when getting out of the shower are just obscene.  Went to grandma and grandpa's.  Isaac mowed their lawn. Called and purchased three new little wethers (male goats who can't breed) who will be ready to come to us on the 15th.  Goat club, where we learned lots and planned to go to Kathy's (the vet) barn for our next meeting.  Having a blast of a summer.
Tuesday...  I finished this book that grandpa had given me to read.  Funny.  Got my hair cut by Heidi, because Shelba had a baby and isn't doing hair at the moment.  Went to do missionary visits and invited another family to pray for a missionary experience.  Can't believe it's actually June!
Wednesday...  Did tie dye with some white t shirts.  They are each holding the shirts they just dyed.  They turned out awesomely cool.  11 year old scouts for Sam who got stuff signed off on three different ranks.  Young Men for Isaac who did service.  Isaac is the secretary in his quorum.  He came home tonight concerned about boys who just aren't coming to the activities.  He named a few and I told him some might be out of town or may have forgotten or may have something else going on.  I loved his concern and encouraged him to let them know on Sunday that they were missed.
Thursday...  Paint!!  I finally got the walls repaired and then did the primer.  Then I painted.  What you see on the far wall is primer.  I love the new look.  No more play room upstairs.  Ruthie began an art class with a gal in our ward.  She's done it 3 summers now.  Sam usually goes too, but decided to skip this year.  Ruthie also had activity days.  We just can't believe how quickly the week has gone.
Friday...  Isaac made this bird out of Legos.  If you take its head off, there's a red Lego inside.  Blood.  Makes sense.  Not much going on this Friday.  Just grocery shopping and hanging out.
Saturday...  Isaac has made camp in his downstairs bedroom.  He's put up some posters and snagged a lamp for his bedside.  All the boys went to the stake camp to clean.  They came home tired.  Daniel did tons of tile work in the bathroom.  We cleaned the house.  Daniel and I went to dinner with my mom and dad.  Then they came over to see the kids and the basement.  Luckily the house was still standing!
Sunday...  Church and stuff.  Our home teachers came.  I had made this ball earlier in the week for an FHE game.  It's filled with candy taped in it.  I'll do more on that later.  We headed out to Adam and Annie's for our monthly get together with my family.  We had a fun time playing with cousins. 
Hope your week was grand!

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