Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A couple of years ago a windstorm took out one of our front yard trees.  And we've been treeless on that side since.  Plus we live where we live, and trees and other items just don't always grow well.  So last weekend Daniel got some trees.  One for the front, one for the back and one for the pasture.
He started planting...this is the front yard, and then decided that giving a nice tree to the goats would be disgraceful.  They already ate one in the pasture and one in the yard.  Darn goats.
So the third one is now one of two in the backyard.  Let the tree growing begin.
Speaking of goats, last night at goat club we learned how to trim goat hooves.  Yay.  We'll be trimming the older goats soon.
And the tree planter extraordinaire! 
This morning Marsha the eyebrow lady was on channel 2 news.  She's participating in the Mrs. Utah pageant this weekend and her platform is working with the American Cancer Society.  She's a cancer survivor and works with women with cancer to make them beautiful during a very difficult disease.
Have a fantabulous Tuesday!

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