Thursday, August 1, 2013

Have I Told You About?

How about the time I got kissed by a boy in a van?? 
When I was 8 my Primary teacher, Brother Leatham, would pick up all the kids in our class and we would all go to the baptism of the latest class member.  It was Kim Kelly's turn to get baptized, so really I was just barely 8 because it was the beginning of February.  She had a January birthday.  So I was sitting next to Dirk Boren  in the middle seat of Brother Leatham's van.  His daughter Debbie was in the back seat.  We were coasting down the hill and overlooking the valley below us.  It must have been a romantic coast.  Dirk and I were chit chatting and enjoying the veiw.  And then he kissed my cheek. 


For Valentine's day, Dirk brought me a homemade valentine with pink and red hearts all over it.  It said "I like you, Love Dirk". 
*Double Sigh*
I don't recall if Dirk and I ever spoke to each other again.  Probably not.  But that's okay.  The memory is ingrained in my brain cells.  Dirk.  Actually I only thought of it because there is a character named Dirk in the book I'm reading to the kids.  So now it's ingrained in your memories.
*Sigh Again*

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