Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day In The Life.

In our life today.
No school.
I made Cafe Rio pork, black beans, rice and dressing this weekend.
At this point, the lettuce is just a vehicle to get the dressing to my mouth.
Sam made a fort.
A house, actually.
He decorated the interior even.
Then I got this...

He had chocolate pudding, chips, jerky and a joke book.
Then Ruthie made a quick fort and sent this...
Candy and chips.
Can't go wrong there.
The time was actually changed to 3:40 so we could all attend Sam's party at his house first.
We got gummy worms and read a book at Ruthie's party.
Last week in Wolf Den we made terreriums.
Look at those little seedlings coming up!
How was your day?


Kim said...

You got to go to 2 parties? Wow, I'm so jealous!!! How fun!! Love the plant (can't remember how to spell what they truly are called) what kind of pot are they in?

Kim said...

I love that Ruthie originally only gave you 3 minutes at Sam's "house". What fun kids you have! Your terrarium (sp?) is awesome!! Sounds like a fun day off from school, especially since the weather was so blustery.

Kim said...

Oh! And I totally need to make that Cafe Rio chicken!!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Yum! looks great!