Friday, March 25, 2011

Life Is Too Short.

My friend Natalee and I worked together for many years.
We were close friends.
We traveled together, too.
San Francisco to see Phantom of the Opera.
Puerto Vallarta.
She married her sweetheart a month before I married mine.
She had a son. Then a daughter.
They are Sam and Ruthie's age.
Yesterday Natalee lost her sweetheart in a tragic accident.
I didn't know Jeremiah well.
But the fact that he was Natalee's husband makes this loss very real.
Today, hug your sweetie.
Today, hug your kiddos.
Take each moment you can to tell them you love them.
Life is too short to wait.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry for your friend and her family. And I'm sorry for your sweet heart that is hurting for them.

Jen said...

I will be giving extra hugs and loves to my family and those around me. My heart aches for your friend and for you. Everyone will be in my prayers. Much love to you.