Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She Does The Damage. He Fixes It.

At least that's how we do things. I was leaving a parking lot and rear ended a very nice young lady with her small niece and baby boy in the car. Guilt? U-huh. My right (your left) fog light left a nice white mark on her pretty red bumper. But I'm sure it will wash off. My car?? Oh. My poor Durango. See that guy under there? Daniel left work so he could come save me. And let me get home in time to get my kids from school. And because we don't want to pay the many many dollars it could take to fix said bumper, he is working on it.
I had to get out of the parking lot exit and on to the side of the road. So I drove it. And that corner of the bumper curled up against the tire. Luckily the tire didn't explode. I would have had to have a tow truck come get it. Luckily Daniel knows how to get things done.
I got to pick up my kiddos in this.
Oh yes. The special car.
He had just made a really good "She does the damage and I have to fix it. That's how we do things" face. But I captured the look after that for all posterity.
And no one was hurt!


Kim said...

I'm so very sorry!!! I am calling you soon!!! Soon as I catch my breath!!!

Kates said...

AW! Poor Durango. It's nice to have a handy man around when things go so horribly wrong!

Daniel said...

Dang, But I look good in a hat!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

You have a good man there Jennie! Hang on to him!

Kim said...

So glad no one was hurt and that Daniel was able to fix it.