Monday, August 29, 2011

Goat Smorgasbord.

It had been weeks, weeks I tell you, since the grass had been mowed. Hey! It's allows Daniel to do fun stuff with us. And the grass isn't going away. So there. So he got out that same Saturday of Poppy's Hike and the new garage door opener and mowed. It got dark just as he finished. But look at all that grass. One of the things the goats, Vegeta and Biscuit, LOVE is freshly cut grass. Or just grass. They tolerate the horse grass in their space. So Isaac and Ruthie and I got out there and began gathering grass as it got cut.
We added some leftover hay from the shed and some goat feed. A Goat Food Extravaganza! A Great Goat Smorgasbord. We layered it in the wagon and wheeled it back. Look at Isaac's foot. Our feet and hands were stained green for a day!

Do ya think the goats are hungry? Excited? They can hardly contain themselves.
They went right to it. And ate. And ate. And ate. And ate. There was so much in that wagon that it took a couple of days to get through it all.

Happy kids. Happy goats.

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Laurie said...

Can my kids come live with you? They think your house is way more fun!