Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poppy's Hike And A New Opener.

First off...Every Single Child Survived The First Day Of School! Although when I told Isaac I was so relieved he didn't die he said, in all seriousness, that a kid in his class did die. What?! He puked in class. Oh nice. He said he was just nervous and threw up so his grandma had to come get him. I'm really hoping it was just nerves. Because, you know, I really don't want to deal with the tummy flu!

Anyhoo...Last Saturday was the annual Poppy's Hike. All the dads and boys go on a hike with Poppy. They usually get a hat and some treats. All the moms and girls hang out with Abbie and then meet all the boys at McDonald's for lunch. Here is the handsome group. Only one son didn't go. Too young and his daddy said his mommy wouldn't let him go.
All the group right before heading up. They went to the Rocky Mouth Trail. There was a waterfall and when many boys came back with soaked tennies, I asked Sam if he got wet. He said no way! He was wearing his new school tennies.

We didn't break the McDonald's this year. We usually do. So that's something.

When we got home, Daniel went to work to replace the garage door opener. Remember a couple of years ago when the big spring broke? Go here if you need a review. We only needed one part when that occurred but he had to get it with an entire garage door opener. Sooooooo. When the garage door opener stopped working last week, we were set. We had the opener and Daniel just need an hour to get it in. HAH!
He spent hours. Hours. In the hot garage in the heat of the day getting it in.

We finally set a fan on the car aimed up at him. He Aaahhhh all about that!

He finally got it in and now the entire neighborhood doesn't know when we open or close our garage door. It's so quiet!

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