Friday, August 19, 2011

My House Is A Mess.

Hi. My name is Jennie and my house is a crazy mess. Because it's been summer and my kids have been home. And I can't think clearly when my house is a mess. I'm vacillating between cleaning my house or going back to bed next Tuesday at 8:30 am when my kids are finally back in school. Or exercising. Because I can't exercise when they're home. I don't know why. Just can't. But I think I'll wait on the exercise thing for a couple of weeks. Why? Because my house is a mess and I can't think clearly and I certainly can't exercise in a messy house. Do you still read my blog? I'm just wondering. No one comments much any more. And not too many really blog any more. But then someone will mention something I've blogged and then I know at least that person read my blog recently. Or not recently. I really can't think clearly. My house is a mess. And then there's the fact that I haven't had any chocolate recently. It's killing me. And makes it so I can't think clearly. Why? No idea. But it's chocolate. That should explain a lot. Plus did I mention my messy house? So it just makes me wonder what's the point of blogging if no one's really doing it anymore and no one really reads this. You know? But then I look at my blog books and think, oh yeah, great to blog. I don't have to scrapbook or keep a very tight journal. It's all right here when I blog and then get it made into books every Mother's Day. Thanks to my dear Daniel. So what do I do? I don't know. My house is really messy and I really need to clean it. But if I clean it right now it will just be messy by the time my date and I get home tonight. Because my kids don't care if it's messy. Actually I don't really think Daniel minds the mess. Except the shower. He really hates the black stuff that grows in the shower. So he gets this awesome stuff to clean it. Then he cleans it. I wish dirty dishes bothered him as much. Or a filthy floor. Or an unmade bed. Or. But my kids will be in school next Tuesday. So I'm trying to decide if I will clean the house or go back to bed at 8:30 am. Cause I'm tired. But my house is a crazy mess...


Kristi said...

still here . . . in my messy house. I'm glad someone out there is in the same state as me.

Esther said... too, but I have to wait til Thursday. Then I'll go to missing my kids so much I can't clean the house :)