Thursday, August 18, 2011

My New Scent.

For years I wore body sprays. Loved them. Coconut Lime Verbena was a favorite. Then I moved to real perfume. Loved it. Beloved is my favorite. Now I'm on to a new scent giver. Because of this...
My new scent is SPF 70. Why? Severe Sun Damage. We'll refer to it as SSD. See that band aid? It's covering up a removed mole. Wanna See??

I just got the results from the biopsy and it's benign. Didn't think it would be anything different. But I've got 2 weeks of serious watching to help this heal. Isn't it pretty? Hey! I thought you wanted to see it!
Here's the real problem. I have many spots of pre cancer on my arms and legs. When the doc said he was gonna freeze them off I asked if it would hurt. He smiled and said, "Definitely not as much as it would hurt to remover real cancer!" Then he froze them all. I know it looks like a boil. By the time I got home they had all turned to big nasty blisters.

He also removed some little thingies from my face. All from the derned SSD. One conversation went like this...

Doc "You Are burned!!"

Me "No. My skin is always that..."

Doc "No you are burned. Look at that. Where have you been?"

Me "We were on a couple of rivers."

Doc "Which ones?"

Me "Lava and Snake"

Doc "We love Lava. Did you have fun? My kids love going up there. [LALALALALA. Continuous lovely talk] YOU ARE BURNED! Look at that!"

So my job now is to wear sunscreen EVERY DAY! I found the one he recommended to be a nice light scent and won't make my face greasy. I also have to go back every 6 months. My skin is a mess. It will take some dedicated daily sunscreen application and several visits to make sure my skin will last a long time more. I am grateful the pediatrition recommended taking my boys in to have their skin checked. Otherwise I would just keep going with Daniel always bugging me about getting it checked but never doing it. And I really love this Dermatologist! LOVE him! Very easy to work with. I would recommend you all get your skin checked. Better safe than sorry!

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Kates said...

I've been meaning to get in to my dermatologist for the exact thing. Thanks for the reminder!