Monday, August 22, 2011

The Hair Cut.

First off. A WARNING!
DO NOT STEP ON A BEE! They sting. I sent Ruthie out for the mail. She got it. Then she jumped about 3 feet off the ground and started running. Then she fell on the grass. I was running to her after she jumped and got to her as she landed. She started screaming that she was stung. She was! I pulled the stinger out and got her into the house. And here is what is great. Isaac ran and got his Scout book and looked in the first aid section and read out loud what to do. Sam went right to action to make an ice pack. I got baking soda and water in a bowl. Working together we got Ruthie calmed and soothed. Her poor toe. PS. This picture is a contrived picture of what she felt earlier. Except she was in a lot of pain. And wasn't trying to hide a smile. That is great acting!
Now on to the hair part. I told the boys at the beginning of summer that they didn't have to get a haircut until school started. There was rejoicing all around. I did eventually have to pay Isaac $2 to trim around his ears and neck. But Sam was going for the Justin Bieber look. I mean look at the hair coming down the back of his neck. It was really starting to get embarrassing. But last Friday he told me he was ready for a haircut. I had taken before pictures of the HAIR but he apparently got my camera and deleted them. So we go with the swimming in Lava picture.

It was amazing! When he got out of the shower and came into the family room, dressed, of course, I didn't recognize him. I could see his ears. And his eyes!

Today is Back To School Night. Isaac finally relented and let me cut him this morning. Handsome boy. Just look at his neck!

I love freshly cut heads of hair. Next year I hope to keep my big mouth shut and not offer a summer of hair growth!

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Kates said...

Handsome boys! And beautiful girl!