Monday, August 8, 2011

The Last Summer Catch Up.

Finally. I will be able to finally say I'm done catching up on our summer. But then again, it's a blog. It IS catch up. I don't post something until after it happens. Catch up. Never mind.

We had a family reunion for my mom's family in July. One of the fun things we've always done with this side of the family is have a Wild Rumpus. Remember the book Where The Wild Things Are? They have a Wild Rumpus in the book and the king of the Wild Rumpus says, "Let the Wild Rumpus start!" So in years gone by we would bring silly things to wear and we'd all dress up and then parade around and then choose a king or queen of the Wild Rumpus. We would dance to Hey Ricky and be silly. Katie, my sister won one year when it was just our family, because she wore a diaper on her head. Unused, of course.

This year Meme wanted a Funny Hat Wild Rumpus. So we obliged.
Sam was a red bunny.
Sam made Daniel's hat and glasses from pipe cleaners.

Ruthie's hat was made out of a paper plate to which we glued very sparkly shapes from the Cricut. Then she added streamers to the back that night.

Isaac was having nothing to do with this "dumb" tradition.

The winners were my mom and her 2 sisters, Meg and Ruth. Meme crowned them. We cheered. We took our hats off. We had cake. We went home.

Late in June I got an invitation in the mail from our insurance guy to go to the opening of Harry Potter. Okay. Sure. So we got on the list for 2 free tickets and made a night of it. We each got a backpack thingy, a VIP pass on a lanyard, a $10 concession card and free entrance. We had dinner and popcorn and enjoyed the evening immensely.

One afternoon I came home to Isaac on the deck with Vegeta and an apple. Vegeta just ate it right out of his hand. He had already had Biscuit up there before we got home.

And with summer in swing come the zucchini. And when the zucchini get huge, which one or two a week are just gonna do, you make zucchini bread. It will be out of the oven soon and then I'll be busy for a while. Have a great Monday!

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Kim said...

Hello my friend! I love that your family has a Wild Rumpus! That's Jacob's favorite part of that book. Yeah for zucchini days!!