Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cute Quips.

Here's another one...

Every morning before school and every afternoon after school Isaac goes out to check on the goats. The kids are due next month so he wants to make sure they are okay. The rule is this...he has to go down to the basement and put his goat poop laden boots on and then go out the basement door, then come back in that door and leave his goat poop laden boots down there. When he goes out, if it's not hay feeding day, he'll give them some goat feed. The problem lately is that he hasn't closed the basement door tightly. It gets cold in the house!

So Daniel went down last night to check the door, which was closed and locked. He could hear one of the goats right outside the door. So he opened it and there was Oreo. She had to have a motive for going down the treacherous steps to stand in front of a door at 10 pm when she knows full well Isaac doesn't come out at night.

This morning I told Isaac that when dad went to check the door, Oreo was there waiting for him.
(I know that was a hugely long set up, but it's just so you know...)

Isaac said: "Oreo was just waiting for the man with the black sweatshirt and jeans and blue boots to come out and give her some feed. She doesn't understand that the man was in bed."

The Man?? Oh, he cracks me up!!

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Kates said...

Now there is a farmer in the making! Too funny!