Monday, January 24, 2011

Make A Meal/Treat.

I bake bread. We gotta eat, you know. And today I started to bake bread and thought to myself, "Self, Let's take one loaf worth of the dough and make hamburger buns and have burgers for dinner." I concurred and did it.
Then after school, with everyone home and thoughts of Family Home Evening floating around, I thought of a great idea. "Hey, make one loaf worth of dough and make cinnamon rolls for FHE treat!" I agreed and made another batch of dough. And then made these:
Here's what you do...
Just make your regular bread dough.
For Hamburger buns:
Take one loaf worth and split it into 8 pieces. Roll them into balls and put them on a greased baking sheet. Press them down to about 1 inch thickness. Let rise to triple their size.
Big buns=big burgers. Right?!
Bake for about 17-18 minutes on 350.
Let cool and cut through the middle to place the fabulous fixings on before you place the burger.
For cinnamon rolls:
Take one loaf worth and I split it into 8 pieces. Roll each piece out and then put a brushing of water on. Cover with cinnamon sugar and roll 'em up. Place on a greased baking sheet and let rise to about triple their size.
What can I say? Big cinnamon rolls=happy family!
Bake on 350 for 17-18 minutes.
Spread butter over the tops. You won't be disappointed.
Next time I'll split the cinnamon roll dough into 16 pieces. They were a bit too big for an after dinner treat. But they were oh so yummilicious!
Just so you know...I used 50/50 white/wheat bread dough.


Jen said...

Multi-tasker! Love it! And those cinnamon rolls are my kind of cinnamon rolls :)

Kim said...

YUM!!! I love homemade bread. It makes me happy.