Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Night=5 Loads Of Laundry.

No. Not stomach Flu.
We started on Sunday after church. Loaded in the truck. And quiet as they watched a movie for the long drive up.
I spent some time up on the Ranch reading. My hair looked good on Sunday evening. I'm not showing any more pictures of me. So enjoy...
There was some craziness in the building. We kept the Sabbath day as holy as one could up at the ranch.
We caught up with Grandma and Grandpa and had a movie night.
At bedtime, Grandma and Grandpa went to their room and we all headed upstairs to sleep. It was hot. 81 degrees in a house is too hot. And I get cranky.
No one slept. I finally sent two kids downstairs to the couch to sleep around 11 pm. They went right to sleep.
At about midnight I headed down. But there wasn't a comfy space to sleep. So I finally headed back upstairs. It had cooled to 80 degrees by then. I got on Isaac's bed and read my book for a while. I finally fell asleep to Sam and Daniel talking. And the sound of rain on the roof.
I woke up to Sam and Daniel talking and Daniel heading down to the wood burning stove.
The whole place was smokey.
So Daniel was trying to get the fire stoked so the smoke would go up, not come out. Luckily it was 4 am and the whole place had cooled sufficiently. After a long while, he got it taken care of. Everyone was awake and now we needed to get back to sleep.
The rain was still coming down and the wind was whipping around outside.
We all slept until 8.
Then we spent all morning on Monday doing this...
And some of this...
And tons of this...
The kids did some killin' up to the Ranch.
They would hunt mice.
Then we would hear "Kill it, kill it!"
There would be some stomping.
But mostly those mice met their maker courtesy of the man...
We also spent some time on a snowmobile.
After all the rain and wind, everything was slushy and muddy.
But we know how to get it done.
I even drove it around a bit and had a blast. This machine can move.
I mostly screamed. My throat hurt when I was done.
Aren't these guys a great lookin' bunch of kids?!
We came home smelling of campfire smoke. So EVERYTHING went into the laundry.
Even the socks we never wore.
It added up to 5 full loads.
Boy, we had fun!!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another fun weekend at the Ranch.


Kates said...

"The kids did some killin' up to the ranch"?? Awesome English!

Looks like a blast!

Kim said...

What a fun trip! I love campfire smell when I'm camping, but not when I get home. 5 loads at once is not fun but at least it doesn't stink anymore!