Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's 2011 Already?

The camera came and the blogginess is back. Here is my first picture...
Dang she's cute!
My second picture.
Sam is super silly and super cute. And the third picture. My handsome Isaac.
I went in reverse baby formation there.
And so now to catch up on stuff. It's 2011! And over the vacation time together the last couple of weeks I have thought about 2010 and what I hoped to gain. Joy. That was my goal. To find it everyday. I did pretty well, too. Not that everyday was perfect, but everyday was meaningful in its own way. And the Joy won over sorrow.
Joy in my eternal family
Joy in having a home, food, clothing, running cars
Joy in the Gospel of peace
Joy in my Savior
Joy in knowing that this life is not the end
Joy in being me
Joy in Cub Scouting
Joy in scripture study
Joy in family movie night
Joy in temple service
Joy in goat herding
Joy in an Alaskan cruise
Joy in my 8 year old's baptism
Joy in family get togethers
Joy in cuddling with kiddos
Joy in answered prayers

Joy in cinnamon bread
Joy in 4 wheel drive
Joy in camping with Grandma and Grandpa
Joy in marriage
Joy in singing
Joy in laughing
Joy in friendship
Joy in family
Just Joy
2010 was a good year.
Despite the loss of our sweet friend Lyndsay.
Despite the the realization that our family may just be complete.
Despite those things and more,
it really was a good year.
So now that I look at 2011 and knowing that I want to keep on the same track as last year... choose a word that will be my theme for 2011. What will it be?
well...I think I'm gonna keep my word from last year and add to it
Finding it everyday, feeling its power in my home and in my heart and using it to do more.
And I'm gonna beautify my front porch.
But don't necessarily hold me to that. I get bored easy.
Here's my new ring.
Daniel done good, don't you think?

I love you

So now no matter what your goals are for the new year...go forth and find


Kim said...

You are so amazing, wonderful and by the way I find JOY in our friendship!!!!!! Thanks for your great example!!!

Kim said...

I love this! (Especially the Joy in goat herding ;) And your ring is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your Joy with us.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

Wow- catching up also. LOVE the ring! Love your word for 2011. What days work best for you for lunch? Mon & Wed are hard for me......otherwise Jan would be a good month....perhaps mid to late? Let me know. Can we meet halfway?