Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silly Sam And Some Joy.

First of all, this...
We find Sam walking like that sometimes. It can't be good. But he reassures us that it doesn't hurt. Maybe he's training for toe shoes?
And here is my Joy today.
Daniel has had this Rubik's Cube for years. But the color stickers all fell off. So it's been put away for a while.
Today Daniel went to work and used a kit he got a while back to fix it.
This time with the little people.
It's got Isaac, Sam, Ruthie, Cas the goat and the kids sledding.
I love the Joy in my life!


Esther said...

Love you have an excuse for never playing with it besides not being able to solve it...i just looks cooler that way :)

Kim said...

That's awesome!