Monday, January 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I asked a young woman in our ward if I could commission her to make Joy for me. I told her I love red and asked her to come by anytime to look at my family room. It was right before Christmas, so I didn't expect anything for a while. Then yesterday at church her mom asked if I would be home that afternoon so they could stop by.
This is what she made:
Isn't it beautiful?!
I love how the flowers "grow" off the letters. I think it goes along with my updated goal for the year. As I find it, feel it and use it, I will see it growing in my life. Growing right up and out of me.
Thank you so much, Kel Lynn.


Kim said...

Wow, can I get this girl's number???? It's awesome and by the way you always create JOY for me so, thank you!!!!

Kim said...

Soooo beautiful!! It's perfect. Those "F" girls are amazing (their Mother included).

Crissy said...

Beautiful! :)