Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little About Us.

Now that the fair is over I feel like I can breathe..  And it's nice to not breathe in barn smell!  So I thought I'd catch up on how our summer's been winding down.

We begin school next Wednesday.  Ruthie will go into 3rd grade.  Sam will go into 5th grade.  Isaac is going into 7th grade, which means junior high.  He and I went to register Monday morning.  Much to our dismay, so did every other 7th, 8th and 9th grader. There were lots of long lines.  Then there were other longer lines.  Isaac is nervous, but so is every other 7th grader. (and so is his mom.. sshh) We will go back next Monday to meet teachers and then Tuesday we will have orientation.  Then the real life thing begins Wednesday.  Sam and Ruthie will be okay.  They will have terrific teachers and I know exactly how things work in 5th and 3rd grades.  And I'm the PTA secretary and will be there a lot.  A. Lot. 

We've finished up school shopping, except for shoes.  Everyone needs shoes.  I just don't understand how they go through shoes so quickly.

Last night we went to a dinner with my mom's family.  Sort of a family reunion, but my cousin got married today.  So his parents did a dinner for all the families so we could visit and enjoy some time together.  I sat with my aunt Ruth most of the evening and caught up with her.  When I lived with my grandparents after high school, Ruth and her hubby Chuck lived very close by.  I spent a lot of time with her and her young family.  Her oldest is 25 now.  Old I tell ya! 

We have been going through milk like crazy cakes I tell ya.  Between Isaac and Daniel, my two milk drinkers, we can go through a gallon a day.  I can't wait for school to begin just so Isaac isn't drinking it during the day.  At least you can't accuse either of them of being calcium poor.  Both of them are at a priesthood meeting tonight.  I love that Isaac will get his Sunday duds on on a Tuesday night, and then again tomorrow night for a fireside (Which he may not actually realize yet!) and not complain.  At least not too much.  He's a terrific priesthood holder.

Sam just had 2 cavities filled today.  We all went for cleanings yesterday and Sam was the cavity winner.  He's never had the shots in his mouth for fillings.  He was so brave and didn't even flinch.  I flinched.  And I didn't get the shots.  Both teeth were filled and he is nursing a sore mouth.  Ice cream and cake.  As long as he brushes tonight.

Remember I couldn't go on a date with a hot guy last Friday night because I got a Frisbee in the eye and then couldn't have gone anyway because we had the goat show?  Ya remember that?  Well, this Friday night is date night with hot guy.  I'm looking forward to it.  I go see the eye doc again in the morning.  I hope the swelling has gone down enough so I don't have to do the drops anymore.  It's a thick milky stuff that makes my eye cloudy. Needless to say I haven't been doing 4 drops a day.  2 is more likely.  At least the doc can rest assured I won't sue for malpractice!

This Saturday is Poppy's hike.  All the dads and sons go on a hike with my dad.  Then we all meet at McDs after for lunch.  And then we break the McDs.  Happens every year.  But we sure have fun breaking it. 

I have been reading each night to my kids through the summer.  We've read One Crazy Summer, Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of Nimh, The Princess Academy and now I'm reading Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites.  After I got home from my mission, my youngest brother Aaron and I got the book on tape.  Yes, tape.  Cassette tape, not eight track.  I do remember eight tracks!  And had quite a few vinyl records.  Those were the days...  Anyhoo, Aaron and I would drive around in my green Grand Am on Saturdays.  We would go to the car wash, wash my car, go to 7-11, get a couple of bigs things of nachos and drinks and then drive around town listening to the book on tape.  And eat our nachos.  We got through the first 3 books on cassette.  When the 4th book came out we started listening and I don't think we actually finished before I was getting married.  Aaron and I never got to listen to the whole thing together.  Right after Aaron died I found the cassettes in my glove box as we got ready to sell my car.  I was sad that we never got to go back and finish.  But now I am reading the first book to my kids.  It's a series I hope to keep reading to them and not stop for any reason but the end of the books.  It's my tribute to my little brother and my kids' uncle Aaron. 

I challenged myself a bit ago to not chew on my nails and fingers.  Nasty habit.  So I bought some fun nail polish colors.  Black.  Orange.  Green.  Purple.  I love the black but Daniel thinks it's weird.  Whatever.  My favorite is the purple.  When I wear it I don't bite or chew.  Then my nails grow.  It's been wonderful to have nails.  Then came the fair.  Oh my!  My nails got chewed!  Not by me, though.  Just the whole deal of caring for an animal and the stall tore through my nails and they are still recuperating from the splitting and ripping and such madness.  I hope to have them back in good shape (literally) soon! 

So that's what's going on here.  We have had a fun and full summer.  I am so grateful for all the opportunities we've had to do new things and travel and spend time together. I will miss my kiddos come next Wednesday around 8:30 am.  After all, they are my Joy.

But then again, I am looking forward to a nap.  Oh, and a clean house!

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