Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Dry I Am...

Thirsty?  Today marks 8, count 'em, 8 weeks since I stopped drinking soda, ergo facto, I stopped taking in caffeine.  Here's how it all went down.  One day, earlier that week I had drop offs for Ruthie's kid's camp and my day was beginning early and going going going all day.  So I began with a quick can of diet pepper before leaving home.  After dropping kids off in Ogden I stopped at Maverick and invested in an extra large diet pepper/diet coke mix.  Yum.  Trust me.  Then lunch time came and I was done with the extra large yum.  So I ran through the Mcyucky drive thru where you can grab a large diet coke for $1.  Done.  Then I finished the rest of the day with 2 more cans of diet pepper.  So you see, I realized I had a problem. Ya think?! So that Friday night, while Daniel and I were out to dinner and I was drinking my recently refilled glass of diet something or other, I decided it was time.  Time to quit.  The difference with this time would be carbonation in general.  In so doing I would be letting go of the diet stuff which includes caffeine and carbonation.  And then there's the NutraSweet.  And as a result I would be off of the nightly tradition of sleeping pills.  Ready?  GO! 

So Saturday morning, June 9, I began.  Or ended.  No more soda.  I had a migraine for about a week.  Oh I was bad off.  But I didn't go back.  After about a week I tried bed without a sleeping pill.  Check!  I did it.  Since then I have only taken the sleeping pills while camping. Necessary!  Trust me. In exchange for the soda/carbonation/caffeine I have taken on a new slew of drinks.  Here they are.  In no particular order.  SoBe drinks.  Yum.  The cheap version of Crystal Lite with Stevia instead of NutraSweet.  And, of course, water.
Now I feel I need to clarify.  I did have a diet something on our trip.  Just with lunch.  It doesn't do it for me.  So I continue on.  I also don't feel "better" since leaving all the "evil" behind.  I do feel more tired, though.  No taking on a caffeinated diet something to get through the afternoon.  But I know I'll sleep when I go to bed.  I also don't guarantee the longevity of it.  8 weeks is staggering.  And my plan is to keep going.  But if I'm out to lunch a have a diet caffeineted something, don't worry, it's just a drink.  And won't be happening on a regular basis.  But don't quote me on that.


Kim said...

proud of you~you ROCK!

Laurie said...

Wow!! 8 weeks caffiene free?? That's amazing! I can't go 8 hours.