Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally, A Date With A Hot Guy.

Friday night I had a date with a hot guy.  Daniel and I went to dinner and a movie.  We realized we haven't been on a real (no kids with us) movie date in 2 years.  It was kinda nice.  Saturday was the annual Poppy's Hike.  We headed down to Abbie and Poppy's early.  Abbie had camo handkerchiefs for each of the boys.  My boys indulged and took 2 each and turned into some ninja things.  Here are my boys...
And the whole group.  Ruthie and I stayed behind with all the other moms and daughters.  It was a fun day.  And we didn't break the McDs when we went to lunch after the hike.
Tonight is back to school night for Isaac.  Tomorrow night is back to school night for Ruthie and Sam.  Then Wednesday is the big day!  Back to school for everyone under 5 feet tall.  This morning I went to the dermatologist for another 6 month check up.  Guess what?!  NO Pre Cancer!  So I don't have to go back for another year.  Yay me!  Last night grandma and grandpa came over for dinner and after dinner we played Sorry!.  It was fun.  Then Daniel gave each of the kids (and me) a father's blessing.  I love that we can have that tradition when the kids go back to school.  Or any time they feel they need a priesthood blessing.  I need to go to the store tonight to collect some fun stuff for the back to school morning gift for the kids.  I am mixing it up this year.  I'll take pictures and show ya later.  Daniel bought wood and stuff to build another goat house in the pasture.  With 6 goats we are short on housing.  But Bella and Angelica are adapting well.  Tonight we have goat club and then our last club meeting is in September.  It's been so fun.  We are looking forward to goat club 2013!  My eye is better.  My eye doc said the inflammation was gone.  I just did a drop a day for a couple more days.  Isaac is going to finish up the Horsemanship merit badge this week.  The bishop mentioned to Daniel that Isaac was so fun when he came to talk to the boys about horses.  Isaac had so many good questions and was really interested in all he had to teach.  We all have colds in one way or another.  My throat hurts and my sinuses are killing me, Ruthie is coughing and blowing her nose, Isaac is coughing and Daniel has a sore throat.  Sam has a stomach ache.  But I think that's just nerves.  I loaded up on cold meds today because no one gets a sick day home from school after tomorrow!  And with that, I'll leave you with the hot guy I love most. It's a laugh a minute I tell ya!

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Jen said...

I'm soooo excited for school! Even though I just one going to school and one in pre-school... I an counting the days, minutes, seconds! They are bored, thus causing much chaos in our humble home.

I can't believe you have 6 goats! You have a goat farm! You must have a noisy backyard. :)

I hope you and your fam get over their colds soon. Conner has been coughing and hacking due to the smoke in the air but I noticed his nose was beginning to run. Good times.