Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aaaaand... They're Off!

Our day began at 6:30 am.  Isaac's first words when I woke him up were "I hate this".  I told him to get up and get it over with then.  But first!  I got stuff for my kids' first day of school treat.  Here it is.  I got them each a cup and did card stock dividers and then filled each section with candy.
Kisses, Tootsie Rolls, StarBursts, lollipops, Smarties...
But the Fruit by the Foot didn't fit, so they hung out next to the cups. 
And here's the note.. 
When Isaac read the note he said "That's really cool".  He ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed his teeth, checked on the goats, then headed for the bus stop.  Doesn't he look excited?!  He gets out in a few minutes and then I'll find out about his day when he gets home.  Yay 7th grader! 
Sam recommended I just take his picture in the car before we even left.  He is excited to have Isaac's 5th grade teacher.  At least I got a slight smile.  Yay 5th grader!!
Ruthie changed her outfit a couple times.  Decided on purple.  She has the same 3rd grade teacher both of her brothers had.  YAY!  And Yay 3rd grader!! 
The 2 younger kids don't get out for another hour. Then we'll see how their day went.  Me?  Laundry is done, my name is on the PTA checking account and my house is still a mess.  Well, relatively speaking.  It is an early out day after all. Yay mom!!

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Laurie said...

They all look so thrilled! Happy first day- hope everyone had a great day!