Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It finally happened.  I never expected it to.  But it did.  My salt container became empty.  So I headed down to the food storage room.  And it happened.  No Salt.  At All.  In all of my vast food storage I have neglected the salt.  In all of my 41 years on earth and in my 13 years of running a household, I have always had salt.  Until now.
So I ran to the store and bought some more. 
 It was just strange that I had actually run out.  Have you ever been out of salt?

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Anonymous said...

Although you might be "salt-less," I am not Ruthann-less. I just picked up my class list today and Ruthann's name is there! Yeah. This post will self destruct 5 minutes after reading. While it's offical, it's suppose to be secret until August 21. Just proves, don't tell me your secrets! Lynette