Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Did You Do Last Night?

I grew up close to a drive in theater.  We went once in a while.  One memorable time was right after I got my driver's license and my sister and I went by ourselves in the big white van to see a Michael J Fox movie.  We've been 10 minutes away from a drive in since we've lived here. We've never taken the kids, though.  So last night we got our pillows and blankets and treats and then picked up some pizza and root beer and headed to the drive in.  The kids got settled in inside the Durango and Daniel and I set up camp chairs outside. 
We saw Ice Age Continental Drift and Brave.  We didn't get home until close to 1 am, so we are tired and cranky today.  Here are 2 of my kiddos walking to the bathrooms.  Sam's the one in the snow boots.  We believe in being prepared.

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