Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day In The Life.

It's only Tuesday and Look!!  I've got last week's stuff here.  Although only two of the pictures are actually from last week, and two are just apples from my kitchen, and the other three are my kids from when we went to The Leonardo... it's here.  Ta Da.
Monday... Went to grandma and grandpa's where Isaac tried to mend grandpa's computer.  Daniel and the kids went back that evening so he could look at it and fix it up.  Isaac and Sam went to a Scout merit badge class for Citizenship in the Nation. I love our nation's history. Though they had to watch the national news for 5 nights.  Yuck.  When the senator stuff came on we decided the first 15 minutes were plenty.   
Tuesday...  Marsha came over to do eyebrows.  I had a full load of people for her and it went beautifully.  The best part is when my friend Mandy comes and has to lay down on my couch to get her lashes tinted for a long time and I have to hold her cute little baby boy.  Oh my heart.  Isaac and Sam finished up the merit badge class and I finished up new member discussions for a couple of girls who were baptized several months ago. 
Wednesday... Doctor appointment then, because the merit badge class didn't have to meet today, we went to a summer movie and saw Jumanji.  Fun!  Boys had Scouts and hump day was done.
Thursday... The first PTA meeting of the year.  We discussed some stuff and then had a couple of guys come and give their spiels for fundraisers.  We ate yummy brownie bites but didn't like the cheesecake.  So we went with another company.  I am the PTA secretary again this year and will not be the Popcorn chair!  Another gal said she'd do it.  So I volunteered to do the PTA blog.  We'll see how that goes.
Friday...  We had a ward/neighborhood BBQ.  Daniel suggested that when we were finished eating we head up to the Ranch.  So we called grandpa the night before and invited them to come up.  Daniel and Ruthie went over on Thursday night to help him load a 4 wheeler into his truck so he could take it up.  It broke the window in the shell.  Oops.  But Friday night we headed up and got there late.  We stayed up even later to watch the Apple Dumpling Gang. 
Saturday... We slept in a little and then the boys were put to work.  For another merit badge (family life) they had to do projects and put the family to work.  So Isaac took up watering trees and put Ruthie, grandpa and dad to work.  Sam took up weed whacking and mowing.  Sam and I got to use the ax to chop some of the weeds that had turned into trees.  We had fun!  Then we got to ride the 4 wheelers around as our reward for lots of hard work.
After getting home, we pulled the baby goats out and trimmer their hooves to be ready for the fair.  Just like trimming fingernails.  County fair is just next week!
Sunday... Went to church.  By the time we left, my head was screaming. I got home, ate something, took something and went to bed.  Hours later I woke up and still felt horrible.  So we decided to not go to Daniel's sister's house for the family get together.  Bummer.  I told them I didn't have anything for dinner because we were eating at Jennifer's.  So Daniel made waffles and then we watched Charade.
This week is crazy busy with the county fair and goat show coming. 
Hope your week is eventful too!

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