Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Fair Day.

So our first day has blended into our second day at the county fair.
At the end of the first day, we had to have Daniel put some mesh up around the fence because Waffles kept leaving.  We didn't want to lose him.  As Daniel worked on the fence, Sam and Ruthie took the goats out and leashed them to the fence.  Then the crowd began to grow.
 It grew and grew until they were surrounded by kids and their moms snapping photos.

 They were surrounded much of the time.  They had a container of goat feed and would put a little in each tiny hand that reached for some.  The kiddos would feed the goats and pet them.  Finally the goats stopped eating.  They were stuffed and then we put them back in the stall for the night.
Now... On to my cookies.  Um, my BLUE RIBBON COOKIES!
I got a first place ribbon on my chocolate chip cookies.  And notice that of the 4 cookies I entered, one ENTIRE cookie is gone.  Other plates had a bite taken from the fourth cookie.  Mine are that good.
And on to my BLUE RIBBON CINNAMON BREAD! Yep, my bread got a first place ribbon too. 
I am pretty excited to have award winning recipes. 
 Ruthie and I have made a list of baked goods to enter into next year's fair.
Come see our goats and my award winning baked items at the Weber County Fair. 

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Kim said...

Congratulations on your blue ribbon! You look great!!