Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The First Day...

Yesterday, Monday, the kiddos and I went to lunch for last day of summer fun. 
Then we went to Back To School Nights at the junior high and elementary.  We met teachers and saw classrooms.  The kids have fantastical teachers and it's going to be a fantabulous year!
I ended up at the school doing PTA stuff way longer than I'd planned, so I ran home, made sure everyone had dinner and then we did Father's blessings.
Then I got out the back to school treats.  I usually put their treats out on the first day, but because of the excitement and bits of anxiety, I brought it all out last night.
It says... To my SweetTarts.  U-no you are such a Smartie(s).  This year will be a piece of Cake. You may feel like you're on a Rocky Road, and that only Sour things are happening.  Remember all the Good n Plenty you already know.  You will Skor big in Crunch time.  You're a Star.  Have Fun.  We love you to Pieces!
The root beer says We're Rooting for ya!  And, of course, there are Hugs and Kisses.
P1060382 - Copy - Copy
Bright and early this morning Isaac left for the bus.  I was close enough to a lady talking to an office staff person Monday night to hear that this year the bell rings 5 minutes earlier so the buses may be coming 5 minutes earlier.  We also heard lunches are determined differently.  I suppose I'll find out how this afternoon.  Isn't he handsome?!  He got confused as a 7th grader by some teachers, but all the students will be wearing their ID badges with a grade color coded lanyard beginning tomorrow.  So there will be no confusing the 8th grader.  Although we've recently purchased a couple pairs of jeans and they are too tight and a tad short.  Rats.  He's growing and we'll be shopping again!
P1060386 - Copy
Here are the other two.  Sam is beginning his last year in elementary.  Oh my!  He's got a terrifical teacher and there are 33 kids in his class.  It will be a fun year.  Ruthie is in 4th grade and is in a 4th/5th split class with a superterrific teacher.  They both wanted to get on the back of the banister for the picture.  Obviously I am not invited to leave the car when I drop them off.  But I got dressed anyway. 
So now I'm blogging and thinking I'll just head to the school to help with lunch.  I suppose I should clean the house.  But it really is still summer.  I'm still on vacation.  We'll see.

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