Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Whew!  What a week that was. 
Monday... Merit badge classes for Isaac and Sam.  They worked on Family Life and Personal Management this week.  We began to get our stuff together for the fair! This is a giant moth who came to sit on our front screen.  See the kids' hands on the window?  It was that big!
Tuesday...  Grandpa bought us this beautiful keyboard.  He came to drop it off and help put it together.  It's a full keyboard and is very talented.  Each of the kids and Daniel and I have taken turns playing it and getting our piano groove on.  It has headphones, so you'd never even know it.
I got my cookies and cinnamon bread baked and brought to the fair.  When I got my score sheets back yesterday, I had a full 100% score on my cookies.. of course.  My cinnamon bread got 94/100.  I was docked because there was not enough sugar in the center swirl.  But the judge wrote "suger", so I figure if they can't even spell sugar correctly, they probably didn't even know what they were talking about.  Still... it was a blue ribbon!
Wednesday... Took the goats into the fair.  Waffles jumped right through the fencing.  Problem.  I figured we'd just keep them locked up behind the barn door until Daniel could come and put something up.  We got back later that afternoon and put up a mesh lining.  That kept him in...  Kind of. 
Thursday...  The gal in the next stall said Waffles got out.  She put him back in.  Darned goat.  By now we smelled officially of barn. Feeding and watering in the morning and evening and cleaning the stall daily.  Isaac and Sam went to the last of the merit badge class today.
Friday... Two different people at two different times came to tell me they put Waffles back in the stall.  Booger.  So we took him home with us then brought him back for the show.  We got the goats all washed and brushed and the kids all dressed up for the show.  As we sat waiting until we could head back to line up for our class, there was a father and daughter behind us.  The little girl was bored and kept sighing loudly.  Then she said, as the dairy goats were on the third group and looking for a grand champion, "Dad, when will the goat show start??" To which the dad said they must not do tricks or anything.  So they left.  I thought it was pretty funny! Our kiddos did awesomely terrific.  They each got a blue ribbon and $3 to boot!
Sam went to a scout overnight and Ruthie went to a party at a friend's house.  Isaac and I went to get us some dinner and then sat around.  Smelling slightly of barn.
Saturday...  We spent some time at the fair and looking at the exhibits.  We took the goats out early.  Shhhhh.  Isaac went to a friend's house.  Then we went out to dinner for being awesome.  We spent the rest of the evening at the demolition derby.  Which was mighty boring.  We decided the Weber county sponsored derbies are not as much fun as Stirrin' Dirt.  I am loving the dirty diet coke stuff going on lately.  Limes.  Love. 
Sunday...  Church meetings and such.  We were all extremely exhausted from the week's activities.  So we got our jammies on after church, took naps and watched North By Northwest.  Isaac figured out how to spell The Docter with 2 $1 bills.  Notice Doctor is spelled wrong.  But I let it go. It's summer after all.
On to our last week of Summer.  I really feel we need one more week after this before school starts.  But I'm not in charge.  We start next Tuesday.  Ready or not.

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