Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  Went to the school to help put back to school folders together.  Went to grandma and grandpa's for a bit.  I had an appointment with the dermatologist.  He looked me over and as I raised my right arm over my head, he noticed my insulin pump in my ... um... bra... and said "is that a pump?" to which I said yes.  He asked how long I'd had diabetes, I said 30 years, he said "I've seen a lot of pumps, but I've never seen one there". 
Got my cookies and bread back.  We are making our lists of baked goods we'll all enter next year.
Tuesday... Went with Isaac to the junior high to get his schedule.  He's excited to have Gate Tech, which is a 1 semester 8th grade version of engineering.  I voted in our mayoral and city council primary.  Isaac had an appointment to see an audiologist and ENT.  He has Tinnitus in both ears and we wanted to see if there is damage to the nerve.  No damage.  Yay.  But the ENT said the tinnitus is a tic from meds he takes.  We're gonna have to see about making a change to meds.  But we are very happy he doesn't have hearing damage.  Now I know for certain that he can actually hear me.  Isaac and Daniel went to a Stake Priesthood meeting and Christine and I went to do missionary visits.
Wednesday...  The kids and I went to see October Sky at the theater.  We  love that movie and it gets the boys excited about their upcoming science fair projects.  Ruthie asked about my wedding dress so I got it out to show her.  It's an ivory colored top with beading and such and then an ivory skirt that my mom made.  (my total wedding ensemble cost less than $100...and we're still going strong!!) I offered to let Ruthie try the top on.  It's not quite to good fitting yet..  but...
Thursday... Took the kids school shopping for supplies and tennies.  They needed Sunday shoes too.  Sam chose white dress shoes.  ummm.  Might start a trend?  This is Isaac at a local art gallery we visited several weeks ago.  I'll get a picture of those shoes soon!
Friday... Daniel and I had a date to meet at the train station, get dinner then head to the Bountiful temple.  When we got to the temple there was no parking.  At all!  We drove through the upper parking, lower parking and the street.  Nothing!  So we came home.  ...Darned Mormons think they have to go to the temple all the time...  This is Sam with grandma when they dropped of the piano.
Saturday... Have you seen these?  They are like the Samoas that you pay a lot for from the girl scouts.  And you can get them anytime.  Yum.
Sunday...  Daniel had to find a new place for the container we use for trips.  He came up with the pulley system just above the truck so all we have to do is lower it down when we need it and then pull it up when we're done.  He did this on Saturday, but the cookie picture and this one got mixed up.  We went to church and then had home teachers come.  We stayed up to watch Rocketeer for our movie night.
School begins tomorrow!  I still would like one more week, but since they won't listen to me, we'll go with tomorrow!

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