Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fair Flair.

The Weber County Fair begins tomorrow.  It goes through Saturday if you were wondering.  And for the second time, we are putting goats in the fair.  This time all three of my children will be showing their goats.  The goat show is this Friday at 4 pm in the show arena by the barns,  You know, in case you wanted to come.  Otherwise, if you happen to come to the fair another time, you can see our cute kids down goat alley (I just made that up, but there is one "alley" where all the goats are, so why not?!) on the east side, with the doors in the stalls.  We've trimmed hooves, practiced walking with a leash and have all of our goat things in order.
They will go in tomorrow morning.  Here is our sign.  I had wanted to have a sign made for the show and for our pasture.  But I didn't quite get to it.  So I made one myself.  We are calling our pasture "Vegeta's Goat Hide Away" after Vegeta the goat who was born here and died here. 
Here's an exciting addition!!  I have entered two yummy treats in the fair! 
My yummy and delicious chocolate chip cookies.  When I took them in this morning, the gal entering me looked at them and said "Ooh, they look yummy.  I want one.  I really don't like chocolate chip cookies, but those look wonderful!"  Or something like that.  I was pretty tickled!  But she's not a judge, so I have to wait and see...
I also entered my yummy and delicious cinnamon bread!  I made one large loaf and then 3 small loaves so I could manage the size of the large loaf.  Whoops.  I miscalculated the large loaf.  It came out flat and, well, flat.  So I quickly added to the recipe that it makes, not just 2 large loaves, but 6 mini loaves.  And then I took this magnificent looking mini loaf and entered it.
My entries cost all of $1.00.  And I can"make" all of $3 per entry!  Ruthie wants to enter next year.  We'll certainly do that and make more items.  And remember to not put our names on the recipe card.  And make the bread regular-like so I have a magnificent large loaf.  And get an awesome sign made for Vegeta's Goat Hide Away.
More fair news later in the week.  Wish us luck!

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