Saturday, January 18, 2014

Got Goat Coats?

Isaac sent this email to Abbie with pictures and details for goat coats.  So my mom, being wonderful and all, emails Isaac back asking for more specific measurements.  So Isaac did.  Then, last week, Isaac got a package in the mail.  This is what was inside...
Each of my kids went and put a goat coat on each of their goat kids.
They velcroed underneath and I don't think the goats were quite sure of what to do.  Waffles was unable to walk after the coat went on, so Ruthie carried him.
Abbie also sent a dog sweater that didn't fit her dog.  Why not try it on the goats?! 
It fit.
So there you have it.  Isaac also emailed Abbie with ideas on how to make the family Christmas Eve party cooler next year.  Such a hoot.

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