Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preparing For Christmas

Christmas is coming.  Can you feel it?
Ok, seriously, it happened almost a month ago. 
But I have to catch up remember?
And can you believe I'm actually blogging?!?!
We went to Abbie and Poppy's for our annual Abbie's Christmas Cookie Party. 
Isaac had fun.  He even wore an apron!
I really don't know what's going on here with Sam.  I assume he's crying about the horrors of cookie mutilation in the world. 
And Ruthie Made 8 beautiful cookies.  Then, as we were leaving, she couldn't find her plate of beautiful cookies.  We threw some icing on a few and threw 'em on a plate and tried to call it good.  Then, as we arrived home, Aunt Emilie texted to say she had Ruthie's cookies. Grrr.  Ruthie was nice and said she hoped Emilie enjoyed them!
Sam is in his school choir this year.  Hurray!  The choir gave a Christmas concert.  Sam sang his heart out.  He later informed me that he doesn't really sing.  He just moves his mouth.  But I think the shape of his mouth as it matched all the other mouths in his area proves he was singing.  He's refuses to take choir in junior high.  I did try!
And Christmas Eve was spent with Abbie and Poppy.  Ruthie was an angel with some cousins in the annual Nativity story.
We also had a ward Christmas party.  We did a pie contest and had so many pies, people were talking about still being full of pie at church the next day.  Daniel and I were able to attend the sealing of a very dear couple in our ward.  Sheryl asked me to be her escort and I was happy to do it.  What a beautiful day it was, too.  Ice and snow on all the trees and everything just blanketed.  It was beautiful.  We had our family Christmas party with Daniel's family on the same day and I have no recollection of it.  Except that we got there late and left early. Darn it.
Christmas is next!!
Can't wait.

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