Friday, January 17, 2014

Love Is In The Air.

Our neighbor Randy got a billy.  That's a male goat who can breed, in case you wondered.  And we have been looking for a billy to breed with for a while and have been unlucky in love.  So to speak.  But Randy got a billy at an auction.  So Randy and Daniel struck up a deal.  Daniel tossed the 4 does over the fence. More fun for the billy.
That's Biscuit.  She has no idea what's coming. Iris had to be sent back home, though.  She wasn't very nice.
So for the next month 3 of our does are going to partake in the goat love fest at Randy's.
There's the billy there on the left with the hefty build and beard.  All the ladies stand a bit away from him.  It's like a junior high school dance. 
If all goes well, we'll have goat kids in June.

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