Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Faves.

Have you ever gotten home from church at 4:15 pm, like midnight, and realize you didn't get anything out to thaw and everyone's hungry and you have a roast in the freezer and decide to have that for dinner.  In an hour?
Well, you put that frozen roast in this handy dandy slow cooker/pressure cooker, add a few potatoes and carrots and salt and pepper and water, and hit pressure cook on high and then in 75 minutes, well, you have dinner.  I love my pressure cooker.  Rice in 6 minutes.  Frozen roast in less than 90 minutes.  Get one.  You'll love it!
I got some pretzel rolls and then heated one up in the microwave and then dipped it in mustard and then died and went to heaven and then came back and got another one.  Try it.  You'll love it.
Daniel got me a Sodastream for Christmas.  I really wanted a tablet, or a new spice rack, or knives, or a certain book.  But I got a soda maker.  And it has been so much fun!!  So I bought myself the book, (Women and the Priesthood by Sheri Dew Love Love) bought my own spice refills, sharpened my knives and reminded Daniel that my birthday is just a couple weeks away.  Because I want to move up in the world and have a tablet.  And I'll look at Facebook on it while I drink my homemade soda!  So there!
I had earned myself $20 in Kohls cash and went to that store to spend just that.  I got there and looked around and then looked at purses.  Death!  Then I realized everything was on sale. Wahoo! So I stole a peak at the Simply Vera purses.  You know, Vera Wang, the designer.  Those one hundred dollar purses were on sale.  Big sale.  And I had $20 in Kohls cash.  And I had a bit of cash in my purse.  So I bought myself a Vera Wang purse.  And I love to touch it.  It's real and it's soft.  It's small.  So I leave stuff at home while I'm out.  I don't need much.  Just Vera and me. 

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