Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching Up.

So the kiddos went back to school on Monday and I have been recovering from the long spring vacay. Well, not really. I should be cleaning my house after the whirlwind week, but all I've gotten done is the floor. But, man, that was a mess! Today I am going through ancestral records looking for anyone who needs temple work done. I have one so far. This is a strong line of LDS families. It's no wonder it's already done.

Last week the kiddos and I went to the Utah Museum of Natural History. The new one by the U. WOWZERS. It took us 2 hours to get through it all. And so cool. The kiddos loved it and want to go back when dad can come too. I highly recommend it.

Isaac was invited to a friend's house for a game party last Thursday. He was there 5 hours. He came home exhausted. But he had fun playing lots of different games and eating junk food. He's getting so old. Turning 12 has aged him somewhat. He still looks like he's 8, mind you, but his maturity level is aging. At least until he needs to be a regular adolescent.

My sister Katie and her kiddos came up on the snowing spring break day. We went to McYuckies and had lunch, then came back to my house so the kids could play and we could chat. That was also the day Grandma came home from the nursing home. She was soooo glad to be home!

On Saturday we went to a cousin's baptism. Then we changed into play clothes in the bathroom, went to In and Out for lunch then on to initiate our Lagoon season passes. I got dizzy. Daniel got dizzy. This may be a long summer. Then we went to see Grandma and Grandpa At Home! We had to do the disbudding paste on Felix again. His horn buds may have super goat powers. They just won't die.

On Sunday we went to church and then had our Easter Sunday lesson on the resurrection, then we went to see Grandma and Grandpa --At Home!--then went to Abbie and Poppy's for dinner and an egg hunt. We also celebrated 2 April birthdays...Collin and Sam. Yep, Sam will be 10 on Thursday. Double Digits! Then early Monday morning a new cousin came calling. My sister had her baby boy.

Did you know I have eyebrows? If you know me well enough to talk to me up close, you know that I have had serious brow problems. They are thin and weak and the pencil I was using was just yuck. So I have been getting them "done" by a pro. She used to do movie star's brows. So I actually have brows again. When she tints, she uses a hair grower along the lines of Latisse. YAY! I looked at my picture on my Lagoon pass and I can actually see my eyebrows. That makes me happy.

Last night we took dinner to Grandma and Grandpa and saw their new sleek car. The kids wanted a ride. They'll have to wait. Grandma is doing much better and is strong and healthy. We'll find out tomorrow how her back and neck fractures are healing.

Speaking of tomorrow, Sam will be 10. He has been begging for an early gift. So I offered to give him an early gift, but then he'd have to wait until Friday to open the rest. Bummer. I guess he'll wait til tomorrow. He'll have a birthday party on Saturday and then we'll celebrate again on Sunday with the Grandparents. Today he gets to go to the Webelos activity! He is so excited!

Speaking of Sam. He's been having bloody noses lately. Like murder scene bloody noses. I take him to the doc on Friday to run some tests. It might be his liver. Yikes! I'm hoping it's just seasonal dryness.

I need to get some laundry done. Today we take our Wolf den to the fire station for a field trip. So fun. Maybe I'll clean the house some more. Or not. But I do need to get back to the ancestral list to look for possible temple work...

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