Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday. All My Troubles Seem So Far Away.

Yesterday was the 4th grade field trip to the Hill Air force Base Museum and then the Rock And Gem Show. I drove my own car on this one because Sam had a doctor appointment at 3 and we didn't know if we'd make it back to school in time to drive out. So I got to the Museum first. When the bus arrived his teacher told me I was lucky because they almost died. The driver backed right into a sign and then almost hit an RV. She didn't know where she was going and so the other teacher had to give her very direct directions. So when I followed the bus to the park for lunch, I stayed well behind it.

We had lunch then boogied over to the Rock and Gem Show. Cool stuff. Many of the kids brought money and bought some cool rocks and fossils. We saw this popcorn rock and I bought it. I am going to take pictures of the process as we go. It's sitting in vinegar and as it evaporates the crystals, which look like popcorn, will grow.
Sam and I left the Rock and Gem show and headed to the doctor appointment. They wanted some blood work to check some things. So this brave boy sat while the nurse stuck his first arm. She filled one of the 4 vials and then it stopped. The blood just stopped. So she went to the other arm. This time the blood barely got through the little tube, then stopped. She moved it a little and went right through his vein. Ouch! So she got another nurse to come help. This one went to the first arm and got another vein. She had to use syringes to suck the blood out of his arm. She got all the syringes filled and then patched him up. Sam was pale and quiet. The first round of testing results came back spectacularly normal. We are waiting for one more test that will take the weekend to see results to. So we wait. While we wait today, some of Sam's friends are coming over for a party. In a half hour. I better go...

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