Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Updates.

I'm thinking I should just start doing A Day In The Life again.  Instead, I keep doing these random updates.  Maybe I'll begin again...  Maybe I won't. 
Last night Isaac had his first official Scout Camp Out as a Deacon.  It was a practice session for Scout Camp this summer.  When he will be hiking in 3 miles and staying there for 4 nights.  It was supposed to be Monday-Saturday, but they squashed it to Wednesday-Saturday.  It's a Wilderness Camp Out this summer.  So we got the pack ($55 at Costco. Bam!) And a good sleeping bag that fit into the bottom compartment and then got his dad packed.  The pack almost took Isaac out.  But he did it.  They are back and smell like campfire and dirt. 
On Friday I got out a big bag of M&Ms and put a few into a little bowl.  OK.  I put a lot into a medium bowl.  I found this sad oddly shaped brown M.  He was so forlorn amongst all the shiny round Ms.  I took his picture for posterity sake.  Then I ate him.  He didn't taste as good as his friends. I thoroughly enjoyed eating all of his friends.
Today marks 10 years since my brother Aaron died.  We miss him.  But the lessons learned and the blessings received because he died are immense.  One lesson-slash-blessing is that I have this sacred partnership with Aaron.  He works on the other side of the veil teaching and proclaiming.  I work here, side by side with my sweetie, in the temple.  Now Isaac joins that sacred partnership because he can go to the temple to do baptisms for those Aaron has taught.  Oh my heart.
Aaron, we love you. We miss you. Come back soon.

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